Playing My Singing Monsters in Our Office

My Singing Monsters developed by Big Blue Bubble is a game that allows you to build islands where you could buy, breed, and raise singing monsters to be a part of an orchestra within your island. Build structures, upgrade your castle for your monsters, and make them happy all the time so they could also sing happy tunes. Aside from this, they would pay back in coins big time.

In getting started, set up your push notifications the way you want it. You can change it anyway at another time that you wish. In signing in, you would be given three options: Facebook, e-mail address, or Game Center. Tap on whichever you want. In using Facebook, it would be a bonus for you to stay connected to your friends.

At first, a tutorial would be provided. It would teach you how to buy a monster from the market, and how you could place it and feed it. You would also learn how to make it happy. How to build structures would be taught as well and you would learn how to use diamonds to speed up certain processes to complete your quests.

In accessing the settings of the game, tap on the upper right corner of the screen. You would see the blue gear icon and afterwards, the menu would appear. From here, you could adjust the game music, mute the ambient sounds, visit the credits, and even see the link for the site’s game help page. This same menu is where you could change the push notifications.

Coins in the game are used to purchase structure upgrades, structures, decorative items, monsters, and food for the monsters. Initially, you would be given 1200 gold coins. Meanwhile, green gems are premium currency allowing you to breed and upgrade instantly. With your 12 gems in the beginning, you could do whatever you want as long as it is within that range. By completing quests, you could earn more green gems.

You could purchase additional coins or gems by tapping on Market and clicking on Currency at the lower right part of the screen. With this, you can have gems or coins by using real money which would be charged to your preferred account. Coins or gems are usually bundled at $0.99 USD and above. You could also head over to Best Cheats and Hacks for My Singing Monsters to find out some free ways to get coins fast and easily in 2015.

To place monsters on the island, tap on Market at the bottom right part of the screen. From this menu, choose Monsters. Using your fingertips, scroll left to right. Keep in mind that some monsters could be bought by gems while others are for coins. Normally, those monsters that could be bred with gems are the ones you could breed in a lot of number. Tap on the monster and the egg of it will appear at the egg incubator. Usually, it takes some time for the egg to hatch. Once it is mature, your monster is ready but if you don’t want to wait, you could always speed up the process by using gems. Once the egg is hatched, “Place” the monster. Make sure you have enough space in your castle. If you do not have enough space, you should upgrade your castle.

Placing your monster takes you back to the island and you’ll know the space is available if there is a green border under your monster. Move the monster where you want it and tap on Confirm once you have made up your mind.

There you have it, you have your first monster. Make sure you breed more until your island becomes filled with them.

Ways to Volunteer in Your Community to Help Those in Need


There are many of us who want to help those in need; some want to do it to keep themselves busy while others look for that inner peace, which charitable work brings and there are still some who just want to help others, selflessly. However not all of us can afford to spend money; but if you do want to go the extra mile and help the deserving members of your society there is more than money you can donate … you can donate something really precious, something that never comes back once gone. Time! Donate your time to someone in need, someone who needs your help or even just your comforting presence; someone who might require some soothing words, some extra help or just a little care.

Once you decide to volunteer, there are countless opportunities that will come running towards you because there are thousands out there who need some extra help. Just look around and decide where and how can you consume your time and be a blessing. Continue reading

Differences between Public Law and Private Law

private law

There are quite a number of differences between private law and public law. The primary difference between the two is that public law deals with the protection of the entire society while private law pertains to the human interaction or group interaction.

It is the government agencies that enforce public laws. But the government generally distances itself from enforcing private laws.

Public law is categorized in a number of areas that oversees the relations among citizens or private firms and government agencies. The areas of public laws include administrative law, constitutional law as well as criminal laws. One area of public law deals with a certain area of interactions within the society as well as the punishments and fine for each violation of the law. Continue reading