Ways to Volunteer in Your Community to Help Those in Need


There are many of us who want to help those in need; some want to do it to keep themselves busy while others look for that inner peace, which charitable work brings and there are still some who just want to help others, selflessly. However not all of us can afford to spend money; but if you do want to go the extra mile and help the deserving members of your society there is more than money you can donate … you can donate something really precious, something that never comes back once gone. Time! Donate your time to someone in need, someone who needs your help or even just your comforting presence; someone who might require some soothing words, some extra help or just a little care.

Once you decide to volunteer, there are countless opportunities that will come running towards you because there are thousands out there who need some extra help. Just look around and decide where and how can you consume your time and be a blessing.

Choose an area where you can be useful

helpingFirst of all determine your field of interest. If you are interested in the field of medicine and want to pursue your career in it, than hospital is the place you want to go. Most of the community hospitals always welcome volunteers especially during calamities and catastrophes; these hospitals welcome all the help they can get with handling instruments, grabbing a gauze or cotton now and then or even providing with the basic first aid to the mildly injured patients. Some organizations even provide basic first aid training to volunteers so they can be more useful during real situations.

Then there are Oncology departments in hospitals or even separate cancer hospitals. Patients with terminal illness and on palliative treatment need your support more than anyone else. You can volunteer at these facilities and spend time with cancer patients and take their mind off of the horrible tragedy. You can plan interesting chess or other interactive sessions with them.

Helping those with Special needs

Then there are organizations for special people. These facilities have mentally or physically disabled people and even children who are trying hard to cope with their disability. If you are capable enough, help them. There is nothing more fruitful than teaching a blind child to read, making a deaf listen through sign language and bringing smile to a Down’s syndrome child.

If you think you are patient with old people then one of the best places for volunteering are old houses in your community. Most of the residents of these houses have been abandoned by their children and need emotional support; they need to feel wanted by their younger generations. Spend time with them, play board games, listen to their life stories; a few hours with them will bring a smile to their faces and satisfaction to you – all they need is someone who will listen.

Green ways to help 

If your interest is in gardening or other environmental activities, there are groups that encourage planting trees and eliminating pollution from their surroundings. Their goal is to preserve nature and make the world pollution free. They even pick up garbage from public areas and teach the importance of preserving their environment to the kids in school.

There are many under privileged people around us who cannot afford to send their children to schools. Take the time out to help these kids read and write if education is your area of interest. A couple of hours even twice a week are enough to teach someone; who know you may help some strive for a better life. Similarly if you have literary interest then you can volunteer in libraries. Arranging books, laminating the torn books, replacing the worn-out books are all a big help for the library staff.

Volunteer work can sometimes become tiresome and there may come a time when you will run out of patience. Remember, this is only for the goodwill and you are there with good intentions. When you give your time to others you do a lot for yourself as well. How? Volunteering has proven to overcome depression and grieve you feel over loosing something or someone; it instills in you a sense of worth telling you that you are needed somewhere and important for someone. A person who brings joy to others can never feel alone or unwanted. Therefore consider this an opportunity where you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.






Differences between Public Law and Private Law

private law

There are quite a number of differences between private law and public law. The primary difference between the two is that public law deals with the protection of the entire society while private law pertains to the human interaction or group interaction.

It is the government agencies that enforce public laws. But the government generally distances itself from enforcing private laws.

Public law is categorized in a number of areas that oversees the relations among citizens or private firms and government agencies. The areas of public laws include administrative law, constitutional law as well as criminal laws. One area of public law deals with a certain area of interactions within the society as well as the punishments and fine for each violation of the law.

Constitutional law focuses on the laws as stated in the constitution of the country. There are also some instances where constitutional law deals with the customs and traditions. Constitutional laws are also called “laws of the land” and they provide precedent for other regulations and laws. Constitutional law also deals in defining the rights of residents and citizens alike in relation to the country or state as well as in dictating how each branch of the government functions and interacts with each other.

Administrative law is also known to be both private law and public law. This branch of law guides how government branches should operate as well as provide framework for the international law. It is also considered as private law since it seeks to balance the line when it comes to dealing with laws concerning civil laws.

Many consider criminal law as the most popular branch of both private and public law. Criminal laws deal with corporations and persons as well as regulation and laws in order for the society to maintain its peace and order. Criminal law deals with violent crimes, theft and corporate crimes like fraud.

Example of Public Law

justiceLet us consider the case of Brown versus the Board of Education in the United States to illustrate and understand what public law is all about.

In this example, Linda Brown is the plaintiff and the case was coursed through her father. The Brown’s contention was that Linda was not given sufficient protection by the constitution. The defendant or the one being sued is the Board of Education.

This particular case is under the branch of constitutional law, but the government agency being sued is the Board of Education.

The Browns filed a case in court since Linda had to attend school which was farther compared to a whites-only school which was closer to her house. Linda everyday had to walk many blocks to get to the bus stop to take her to her school. Linda was an American black, and her parents thought that she was refused admission to a school closer to her house because of her race. They sued the Board of Education since they believed that their daughter’s 14th Amendment rights were being violated.

The Supreme Court of the United States ruled in favor of the Browns since the high court said the segregation of white Americans from other Americans was a violation of a basic right based on the constitution. The case falls under the category of public law since discrimination and segregation based on color affects the entire US society and not just Linda Brown.

Example of Private Law

The most popular or even common example of what private law is the civil law. Civil law aims to aid parties that are in most cases not the government. This branch of law deals with the settlement of personal disputes.

The common examples for cases in civil law are violations in consumer protection, bankruptcy, contract disputes as well other private matters like custody battles and divorce. The cases under civil law are often tried and settled without the need for government to interfere. Some countries call or refer to common law when they are discussing private laws.